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Chai Excellence Fund

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our annual campaign

The Chai Excellence Fund, Wornick’s annual fund, is a community effort to support everything you love about our school – every year. The cost of a Wornick education is not fully covered by the tuition and fees. In fact, it costs approximately $5,000 more per student than the amount of tuition. The Chai Excellence Fund is our first priority and, as part of the operating budget, it serves as the silent scholarship for every student in keeping tuition lower than the actual cost of a Wornick education.

Chai Excellence not only bridges the gap between tuition and the operating budget, it supports a wide variety of programs and helps build our community. Give to this fund each year to sponsor excellent education, inspire teachers to dream big for your children, and bolster this fabulous institution.

We are proud to say we had 100% participation from our parents, board and staff for the 2019-20 school year! This illustrates the remarkable dedication our closest community members have to maintaining Wornick’s unique environment and education. In addition, a generous donor kindly gives an additional $1,000 to the school for every class that meets this goal. Please help us continue this fabulous tradition and make a gift that is meaningful to you today.

A few reasons to give to Chai Excellence:

  • Hire and retain top-notch faculty
  • Keep classes small and differentiated for each child
  • Maintain special programs such as:
    • Comprehensive music and art
    • New science resources and Hebrew language program
    • Outdoor education which includes trips to such places as Tawonga and the Olympic National Park to experience an outdoor laboratory

Leadership Levels

We have re-named our leadership categories after the character traits that exemplify our amazing donors and community. Your gift, be it $18 or $180,000, makes a significant difference to our community. Thank you!

$25,000 — Dreamers / Cholmim / חולמים
$10,000 — Visionaries / Hogim / הוגים
$5,000 — Leaders / Manhigim / מנהיגים
$3,600 — Heroes / Giborim / גיבורים
$1,800 — Guardians / Tomchim / תומכים
$1,000 — Creators / Yotzrim / יוצרים
$540 — Influencers / Mashpiyim / משפיעים
$360 — Partners / Shutafim / שותפים
Up to $359 — Friends / Chaverim / חברים

Make Your Gift

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Haggit Sandhaus
Director of Development

Esther Gillette
Director of Administration

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With great appreciation, we would like to thank everyone who has generously supported Wornick. Your contribution enables us to continue providing excellent education and fulfill our mission — to develop students who are socially and academically prepared to meet their full potential as engaged leaders committed to a life steeped in Jewish ethics and values.

If you haven’t made your contribution this year, we invite you to join our group of supporters and make your impact today.