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Wornick & Small School Intermediate League
Codes of Conduct

Spectator Code of Conduct
  • Do not coach from the stands. Doing so can result in your child’s removal from the game/practice.
  • Sit in a designated or otherwise acceptable seating area during league play; sidelines and huddles are for players and coaches only.
  • Do not engage in any kind or type of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent.
  • Do not walk on the court, course, trail, or field during competition.
  • If you have questions regarding a game or event, the appropriate time to approach the Wornick coaching staff is after the game.
  • Support the program: Volunteer to assist the team outside of coaching whenever possible. This includes the role of team parent.

Student Team Code of Conduct
  • To show up to and be on time for all practices and games.
    - Failure to do so will affect playing time.
  • To be in complete uniform or gear & prepared to work/play.
  • To respect the school, league, and elders at all times
  • To display good behavior & conduct at all times.
  • To uphold team and school rules.

By signing up, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above codes of conduct.

Fall Athletics Sign-Ups:

Boys and Girls Cross Country (5th-8th)
Girls Volleyball (6th-8th)
Boys and Girls Golf (6th-8th)

800 Foster City Boulevard, Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 378-2600

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