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Student Testing Resources (2021-22)

Wornick has implemented a campus-wide testing program as part of our health and safety program. The school requires routine testing of our professional community and student testing is an additional layer to our current health and safety program. The main goal of the required student testing program is to identify any possible asymptomatic cases in our community who might enter campus, by testing every student who is learning on campus at a cadence determined by the Health and Safety Committee in light of current conditions. Each family’s designated dates for testing will be provided to families.

Ongoing Screening Testing through CityHealth (via School):
Wornick is continuing a surveillance testing plan to address the possibility of asymptomatic cases in our professional community and our student population. At this time, students and professional community members must test twice a month (PCR required for screening testing). They have been assigned a group number and the dates for each group to test are below. This cadence may be updated depending on county conditions and state requirements.

Dates of Testing:

Week of November 1 - Groups 1 and 3
Week of November 8 - Groups 2 and 4
Week of November 15 - Groups 1 and 3
Week of November 22 - no testing due to Thanksgiving
Week of November 29 - entire school community
Week of December 6 - Groups 2 and 4
Week of December 13 - Groups 1 and 3
Week of January 3 - entire school community

We are asking families to utilize the CityHealth testing program. Your student will be given a test to take home on Wednesday of their designated testing week. You are required to register with CityHealth prior to administering a test. Your testing kit has an index card with instructions for administering the test to your student. These are lower nasal swab PCR tests. You will log onto CityHealth, with your child present, enter the code on the instruction card, and click the returning patient box. From here you will enter a virtual waiting room until a Physician's Assistant can walk you through the testing process. It will take about 15 minutes.

Testing hours are from 9 am-4:30 pm daily and 5-8 pm on Thursday. You will return your sealed completed test to the Wornick office by Thursday or Friday morning at drop off and we will overnight them to the lab. Please note there are only evening online hours on Thursday.

The registration link is The code will be provided in testing email from the school and the Wornick Weekly. . This is a new program that is no cost and replaces the Kyla testing option we offered last year. You must register. You will need a photo of your driver's license and insurance card.

They will create a dashboard so we can immediately see your results and you do not have to report to us.

The first tests will be given to students on Thursday, September 2. Groups 1 and 3 will test on the same week and groups 2 and 4 will test during the same week. Groups will be assigned and emailed soon.

Testing Requirement for Unvaccinated Students Age 12+
Testing is required on a weekly basis for unvaccinated students age 12+. Testing is currently covered by the school and will be done through CityHealth.

What Type of Test is Required:
Response testing (only after symptoms) can be an Antigen or PCR test. If you are asymptomatic and you are exposed to COVID-19 through close contact, you must take a PCR test. For post travel or ongoing screening testing, the test needs to be PCR.

Testing Options for Response Testing for Symptoms or Close Contact:

  1. Private testing such as Virus Geeks
  2. Through San Mateo County. San Mateo County is offering testing free to all families that live or work within the county.
  3. Through Your Healthcare Provider
  4. Home Antigen Test for Symptomatic Testing