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Room Parents' Corner

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One of the most vital roles to maintaining an inclusive, positive and emotionally rewarding experience for our families is that of the Room Parent.  

Room Parents are the liaisons between parents, teachers, and the PTO regarding school activities.  They encourage the social connection that makes Wornick such a vibrant and engaged community.  Being a Room Parent is also a great way to get to know other parents and children, and to earn Chai hours.  You can take an active part in keeping families feeling included and supported while we all juggle the emotional impacts of this difficult time.

On Wednesday, August 30th after morning drop-off, there will be a Room Parent meeting where we will discuss the Room Parent role in detail.  In general,  Room Parents are asked to do the following:

  • Create community by planning events for your class and/or coordinating with other grade level Room Parents to plan grade-wide events during the year;
  • Solicit feedback from teachers about how parents can support class activities such as field trips, special projects and class events;
  • Encourage class sign-ups as needed for various school and PTO events;
  • Distribute gift cards (purchased by school) for teacher birthdays;
  • Keep current on PTO topics so that you can answer questions from other parents related to PTO and upcoming events (which can be pointing them to the appropriate person or resource); 
  • Send reminders to your class as needed about upcoming events;
  • Coordinate assistance for families experiencing events such as births, deaths and illness as may be appropriate.

We recommend that more than one person volunteer per class to share the work. Room Parents are encouraged to enlist the help of other class parents as this builds a team feeling within the class and provides opportunities for others to feel involved.

If you have any questions, please contact us at We are always available to help!