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Our collective goal is 613 acts of kindness to mirror the 613 mitzvot (plural of mitzvah or commandment in the Torah) by the end of the school year on June 10th. Acts of kindness and mitzvot are different though they can overlap. Every mitzvah that we individually perform is cumulative. We are required to do as many as possible.  Acts of kindness, while not commanded, are selfless acts meant to make a difference in the life of others, which lead to Tikkun Olam* much like mitzvot do. The more we do, the more change we can bring. 

Through this campaign, we will amplify our efforts to give back and spread kindness throughout the community and beyond. Along the way, we will each contribute to healing the world, and making it a better place.

Here is how:

  1. Get Inspired. Check out our list of suggested acts of kindness and come up with your own ideas!
  2. Plan-Do-Act. Perform your act of kindness!
  3. Document.
    • Log your act of kindness on the certificates sent home. Write about what you did, how it made you feel, draw a picture - whatever speaks to you. More certificates can be printed here.
    • Send a picture or video of yourself in action to - we will share updates on the campaign throughout the year.

In addition to the linked list of suggestions and ideas for acts of kindness, the Tikkun Olam* committee is also partnering with two local organizations that need our help to support the families they serve.  In lieu of our annual Thanksgiving Dinner efforts, please consider donating what you can.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone's mitzvot and the goodness that ensues!

* In Judaism, any action meant to repair the world is known as Tikkun Olam.