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Hot Lunch

Wornick’s Hot Lunch program is served buffet style by our volunteers in the Ulam Gadol. Students are able to pick and choose what they would like to eat with a bit of nudge on the fruits and vegetables. We encourage students to try new items and create a colorful plate.

Lunch is served by our amazing parent volunteers. You too can join the team! Reach out to Pam Bodin at if you are interested in the possibility of serving lunch once a week from 11:30 am-1 pm. This is a weekly commitment (bi-weekly can also work). Please let us know the day of the week that works best in your schedule.

How to Order Hot Lunch

Hot lunch ordering is done through our FACTS student information system. Please see this helpful video with step by step instructions on how to order. When the system is open, you can place your child’s order for the days of the week you would like them to have lunch. Each week the menu is basically the same, but with so much variety they can choose different options on different days. We are flexible about adding orders throughout the semester but want to encourage you to NOT place orders on a weekly basis as orders often forget to get placed. Please place your students' orders for at least a few weeks ahead so that they are on our lists. We can not serve students who have not pre-ordered by 8 pm the day before.

Challah Orders

Challah orders for Friday delivery to your student are also placed in our Hot Lunch calendar on Tuesdays. They are baked fresh by Krembo, a Kosher bakery in San Mateo.

Kashrut/Nut Policy

All food served by the school is Kosher, including Hot Lunch. We do not mix milk and meat in the same meal, and all meals are prepared in a facility with a kosher kitchen. In addition, our school kitchen conforms with our school nut policy. (Please review the Parent Handbook in FACTS for further details regarding Kashrut and nut policies).

Fall 2023 Menu
Each day will include fruit and vegetables
Day Menu Description
Monday Pasta Day Plain pasta with the choice of red or white sauce, baked pasta option of alternating homemade Mac and Cheese or lasagna bake, fish sticks, and a hot vegetable.
Tuesday Everything but the sink Bagel and cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, tuna, grilled cheese, couscous salad, and salad fixings. Matzah ball soup, lentil soup and vegetarian chili on alternating weeks.
Wednesday Chicken Day Chicken nuggets, alternating chicken drumsticks and chicken stir fry, hot dogs, sauteed tofu, noodles, white rice, and hot vegetables.
Thursday Pizza Day Marinara, pesto, or no-sauce pizza bagels/standard pizza, homemade focaccia bread, edamame, and Caesar salad.
Friday Mexican Day Quesadillas, black or brown beans, salmon as an add on ($), Mexican rice/white rice, soy taco meat, and hot vegetables.
Guidelines for Everyone
  • Our preference is for lunches to be purchased for the entire semester at one time and then re-ordered in December/January for the spring semester.
  • Drop ins on a daily basis will NOT be available this year.
  • Please pack your child a (non-glass) water bottle and nutritious snack every day and review the Parent Handbook for further information on our NUT RESTRICTED and KASHRUT (Kosher) policies.
  • Refunds will be provided if you are required to stay home for illness or vacation for an extended period of time, if you have notified the office.
  • We will give you plenty of flexibility to change or cancel days if needed. Most importantly, if we see your child is not eating on a day that they have hot lunch, we will inform you so that you can adjust.
  • Please pack a lunch for your child on the days they have not pre-ordered lunch.
  • There is no Hot Lunch on minimum days.
Hot Lunch