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End of Year Events

Here is a sample of events that occur every year at Wornick:

April/May Lag B'Omer Celebration
May Welcome Orientation for New Families and Incoming TK/Kindergarten (for parents)
May WornickFest and Walkathon
May Middle School Color Wars
May Athletics Celebration
May 7th Grade Tzedakah Celebration
May 8th Grade Portfolio Presentations
June 5th Grade Promotion
June 8th Grade Graduation
June Last Day of School Assembly

Last Day of School
June 2021

8th Grade Graduation
June 2021

5th Grade Promotion 2021 1
8th Grade Graduation 2021 2
8th Grade Graduation 2021 3

5th Grade Promotion
June 2021

5th Grade Promotion 2021 1
5th Grade Promotion 2021 2
5th Grade Promotion 2021 3

Final Chavurot of the Year
June 2021

Welcome Orientation for TK and Kindergarten
June 2021

May 2021

Wornick Fest 2021

7th Grade Tzedakah Presentations
May 2021

Tzedakah Celebration 2021 1
Tzedakah Celebration 2021 2
Tzedakah Celebration 2021 3

Celebrating Mr. Wornick's birthday!
May 2021

Mr Wornick Birthday 2021 1
Mr Wornick Birthday 2021 2
Mr Wornick Birthday 2021 3

Lag B'Omer Celebration
April 2021

Lag B'Omer 2021 3
Graduation Cap