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Pam Bodin

Dear Parents,

We are excited to begin serving boxed HOT LUNCH to the children on Monday, November 9th! This is an optional program. Families will be able to sign up for as many days a week as you like (there will be no hot lunch service on Wednesdays). As this is a very unique year, we will do our best to be flexible with cancellations. If a family requires a stay at home of more than three days, they will receive credits to their Hot Lunch account for future use. If we have an extended closure and we are unable to roll over credits, families will receive a credit to their card.

Along with the hot lunch menu, our weekly Challah order program that supports the PTO is restarting. Preordered Challah will be delivered to your students on Friday or will be available for pickup if your student is learning off campus. We offer Irving's Premium Challah with options for plain, sesame, whole wheat, or raisin. Both hot lunch and Challah orders are placed through the "Hot Lunch" system. After you register on the HotLunch site, click on the menu option (both Hot Lunch and Challah menus will display). Just add the Challah order under one of your children after you register them. Challah orders need to be placed by Wednesdays at 3 pm, and you can pre-order in advance until winter break.

To register, please log in at and sign up for an account. After you activate your account, you will need a school code to add your children. Your school code is "wjds".

Once registered you can use HotLunch's iOS App by clicking here, the domain you need to enter is wjds (they do not have an app in the Google Play store but anticipate launching it in early 2021). I highly recommend using a computer to place your first order so that you can actually read the calendar view.

Once logged in, if you have any questions or need assistance, click on the Software Support option on the bottom left of your navigation panel.

We can't wait for the fabulous smells of Rachel's catering to fill the halls. Please email me if you have any questions at

Finally, thank you for attending our virtual Parent Teacher conferences the past two days! We appreciate you taking time from your day to speak with your child's teachers to partner in your student's educational and social emotional growth.

Pam Bodin