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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Families,

As we shared last week, Wornick is implementing a testing program as the next phase in our health and safety program. Our school has been conducting weekly tests since early August of our professional community members and other adults who regularly work on our campus. In recent guidance and communications with San Mateo County's Department of Health, officials have encouraged schools that have opened for in person learning to proactively pursue testing programs for students to support the health and safety programs of our schools. Indeed, they have communicated to us that if public schools open for in person learning, there will almost certainly be a testing program for students. The Department of Health and County Office of Education have also encouraged us to investigate and pursue rapid testing options as they come to market.

Student testing is an additional layer to our current health and safety programs. Our families need to continue to be diligent about reporting household members who are experiencing symptoms, keeping students at home until they have received clearance from our health team, and reporting any possible COVID-19 positive contacts to We also need to continue to maintain our strong social distancing and health program at our school to reduce the possibility of transmission. The main goal of the student testing program is to identify any possible asymptomatic cases in our community who might enter campus, by testing every student who is learning on campus at least once a month.

Our office will divide the families who are learning on campus into four groups. Each group will be assigned a testing window of one week per month, during which students are required to get a negative test and submit their results to Families must test within this weekly window. Esther Gillette will email you with your group (1-4) and dates.

There are three options for a student taking the test. Below is a brief overview of the options, as well as a link to our website with additional details.

Option 1: On-Campus at Wornick (select Wednesdays)
Our school is offering a testing program through Kids for Kyla, a private testing provider that has been conducting the test of our professional community since early August. Testing through Kyla is free for families who have medical insurance through Kaiser or $75-85 per test for those with other insurance. Kyla provides an Antigen test (a lower nasal swab) that typically produces results within 24 hours. To sign up for this option, please click here.

Option 2: Through San Mateo County Testing at the San Mateo County Event Center
San Mateo County is offering testing free to all families that live within the county and are 5+ years. Testing takes place Monday - Friday at the San Mateo County Event Center. If you do choose this option for your child, you will be required to take the extra step to email results to no later than the Monday after which the test was taken. Medical insurance is not required for this test. If you have coverage, they will bill your insurer. This test is an oral mouth swab.

Option 3: Private Testing at Your Preferred Site
We understand that your family may have a preferred practitioner or place of testing. Families may choose to test through an outside private provider or through their current health provider. Both PCR and Antigen tests (including rapid tests) are acceptable. If you do choose this option for your child, you will be required to take the extra step to email results to no later than the Monday after which the test was taken.

For more comprehensive details for each option, please visit our Student Testing Resources page on our website.

Thank you for your partnership in helping us protect the health and safety of our community,

Adam Eilath