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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Community,

This email includes updates on the COVID-19 vaccine for all of our students and requirements for our students aged twelve and above.

Pfizer Vaccines for Students Aged 5-11
After more than eighteen months of living with COVID-19, the pending approval of vaccines for students aged 5-11 represents a significant milestone in moving back towards normalcy and holds with it the hope of loosening restrictions. Vaccines have proven to significantly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, and preventing serious illness and hospitalization. In San Mateo County, the County Office of Education and County Health Department have been working to prepare for the emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine for students aged 5-11. Sites across the county will be offering vaccines in November and the full list of locations will be available here.

Our Health and Safety Team is closely following the rollout of vaccines for 5-11 year olds and we are encouraging all eligible students to get vaccinated as soon as possible. When your student gets vaccinated, please send a copy of your vaccination card to and it will be added to your student's vaccination record.

Vaccine Requirements for Students 12 and Above
In early October, Governor Newsom announced that the COVID-19 vaccine would be added to the list of required vaccines for all students attending California schools. The announcement indicated that the requirement would take effect immediately following full FDA approval of the vaccine (for the specific age group that received full approval). This requirement for students 12 and above could take effect by January 1or July 1 depending on the timing of full approval, and all public and private schools will be required to comply. The order gives schools and school districts the freedom to move at a faster pace as many schools have done, and we believe that it is the correct time to do so. Our medical team is in agreement and believes this is a necessary and important step to keep our community safe. Therefore, Wornick will be requiring vaccines for all students aged 12 and up. We will ask all eligible students to be in compliance by December 1st (with complete vaccination by January 4th), and copies of vaccine records be sent to

For students turning 12 during this school year, we are requiring that they be fully vaccinated within three months of their 12th birthday.

Students 12 and above seeking an exemption should email to request additional information. Students 12 and above who receive a medical, religious, or personal belief exemption for the vaccine will need to comply with certain restrictions for participation in school programming. 

One restriction applied to students 12 and above is related to our campus partner's, the PJCC's, parallel policy requiring that all individuals above the age of 12 must be vaccinated in order to enter the PJCC starting December 1. Most relevant and immediate is that they will not be able to participate in after school sports at the PJCC (basketball this season). Additionally, they will not be able to enter the PJCC after school starting December 1, 2021.

Other restrictions will be applied including not being able to attend overnight trips involving air travel, limitations on participation in other extracurricular activities, and if our school moves away from requiring masks outdoors or in other certain circumstances, it is very likely that our health and safety committee in alignment with our medical advisors will require those students with exemptions to continue wearing masks. More frequent testing will also be required for students who have exemptions.

We believe and strongly encourage vaccinations for the safety of our students. We believe they are safe and will play an important role in keeping our students in school. Our medical advisors are available and enthusiastic to speak with any family who has concerns about our policy or who wants to understand more about why vaccinating your student is important.

It is important to note that once the state rolls out their vaccination requirements, (leading up to the first semester after full approval), there may be changes to the requirements or exemption process.

Thank you for your partnership in keeping our community safe,

Adam Eilath