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Adam Eilath

This message contains important information. Please read through the entire letter.

Dear Wornick Community, 

What a week it has been. I am once again in awe of the creativity, dedication, and resilience that our community members are demonstrating during this time. It is difficult to be so far away from you all as I shared in my video on Wednesday, but it is also comforting to know we are all supporting one another from afar. During Tefillah this Thursday, I shared a Ladino (Jewish-Spanish) proverb "Ase bueno y echalo a la mar" (Do a good deed and cast it into the ocean). Our sages teach us we should do good deeds and be humble about them. Over the past few weeks, I have personally witnessed so many remarkable acts of humble kindness from the community. Community members checking in on another, teachers stepping up to help other teachers in times of need, and students taking on leadership in keeping their grades together. To me, the 200+ people who have shown up on Zoom to honor our Bnei Mitzvah students on Thursday morning has been the greatest and most humble act of kindness that I have witnessed. We are also so grateful to the PTO, who arranged for gift cards for the staff for all of their hard work as we transitioned to remote learning.

As we end our first five-day remote learning week, we are reaching out to our Wornick families to learn more about your experiences. We anticipate making some modifications early next week and we would love to gather parent feedback. We would be grateful if you would complete the survey, linked below, by Sunday, March 29th.

As we mentioned last week, we postponed our parent-teacher conferences that were scheduled for yesterday and today to ensure that our students and teachers could develop routines and behaviors in remote learning. We have decided to reschedule them for April 30th and May 1st. At this time, we anticipate these conferences happening over video and we will send out more information on the schedule in the coming weeks.

As many of you saw, six Bay Area counties announced that schools would remain closed until May 1st. We anticipate being closed through that date as well. However, we want to make clear that one of the benefits of being an independent school is that we are able to make our own decisions about re-opening separate from the county school district. Just as we made our decision to close ahead of the public school system, we may also make the decision to open at a different time. The safety of our students, families, and the larger community are paramount to us. At the same time, being a stand alone school means that we may have the flexibility to reopen quicker than the public school system should the health situation, God willing, improve.

Lastly, we wanted to announce two initiatives that we are hoping to launch in the coming weeks. 

Community Based Education: Our community is blessed to have many accomplished professionals in a wide range of fields. I personally learn about new skills and talents that our parents have on a constant basis. We would like to facilitate community based educational experiences at Wornick. If you are interested in teaching a particular skill, topic, or facilitating a workshop for Wornick students or parents, please fill out this form.

B'Yachad Helping Our Community: Many of you have already reached out searching for ways to support members in our community who may be in need during this time. If you are interested in joining this B'Yachad team, who can call or help facilitate support for members of our community, please email Esther Gillette at

I want to end by reaffirming our gratitude to all of you. We know how hard this time has been on every member of our community. Our hearts are with you and we are here to support you all.

Shabbat Shalom,

Click here to complete remote learning survey