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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Parents,

As you know, San Mateo County moved to the Orange Tier designation on March 16. Our Health and Safety Committee recently convened to assess the current testing cadence of the student body in light of this change in tier status. Through the assessment of our current health and safety protocols coupled with our low community spread, our Health and Safety Committee advised that we are able to change our testing cadence to 25% of each cohort per week. This means that students will now need to produce a negative test once a month as opposed to every two weeks.

This schedule will go into effect following school-wide testing of all students prior to return to on campus learning on April 6 (non-Kyla students test on or after April 1 and Kyla students test Monday, April 5, 12-2pm). The first week of this reduced testing cadence will begin the week of April 12.

Each week, we will require 25% of the student population to test, similar to the cadence in early fall of last year. Each family is assigned one week per month to test.

Testing schedule is as follows (starting April 12):
Week of April 12: Group 1
Week of April 19: Group 2
Week of April 26: Group 3
Week of May 3: Group 4
Week of May 10: Group 1
Week of May 17: Group 2
Week of May 24: Group 3
Week of May 31: Group 4

As a reminder, if you plan on gathering or flying, San Mateo county guidelines require a 7-day quarantine period following travel by plane and a negative COVID test to be administered 3-5 days following the flight. If no test is taken, a 10-day quarantine is in effect.

For those traveling by plane over the break, please notify your teacher and to help your students prepare for off-campus learning. We will not be able to accommodate last minute requests for materials to be delivered.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Adam Eilath