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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Families,

Last week represented an exciting week for our entire community as we took a step towards normalcy in removing masks for outdoor activities. Our students are slowly getting accustomed to this new reality and we saw a range of responses from our students as they each navigate this change at their own pace. In our school wide testing last week, we had one positive asymptomatic case with no evidence of any spread so far in the community.

As COVID-19 case counts drop significantly, our health and safety committee approved a return to pre-Omicron protocols. There are a few important changes to note around students who are symptomatic but test negative and household members who are symptomatic and test negative.

Effective immediately, students may return to school if they have been symptomatic and had one negative antigen test as long as their symptoms have resolved. Students must still stay away during the duration of their symptoms and should stay away from school for 48 hours following improvement of those symptoms.

If a household member is symptomatic and produces a negative antigen test, the student may continue coming to school so long as they are asymptomatic.

Our school will continue the weekly PCR testing during this time for all students. We will likely continue weekly PCR testing for the next few weeks as we complete our transition to outdoor unmasking and case counts continue to decline. We believe this layer of measures will be a strong foundation as we navigate a larger landscape of receding health and safety measures in the county, state, and nationally.

Thank you for your continued partnership,
Adam Eilath