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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Parents, 

Below is information regarding the upcoming Passover holiday, new mask recommendations from the CDC, an update on teacher vaccinations, and re-enrollment information.

Passover Gatherings and Travel
We are asking you to complete a 2-minute survey regarding your gathering and travel plans during the Passover break. We are conducting this survey to help us plan for whether we need to have remote learning days following the break. Please note that we will require a negative test after break for your student to return to campus (details to follow).

The County of San Mateo recently updated travel guidelines and is recommending a seven day quarantine following travel if a negative test result is produced 3-5 days after travel. If no negative test is produced, they are recommending a ten day quarantine. Wornick is shifting its policy to comply with those recommendations. We know that across the country, some guidance is changing for travel and quarantine restrictions for those who are vaccinated. The school is in close communication with the San Mateo County Department of Health. We are awaiting guidance on how to change our policies for vaccinated individuals. In the meantime, our health and safety committee continue to require individuals to remain off campus after they travel until they have produced a negative test and remained off campus for at least seven days.

New Masking Recommendation
We are encouraging all employees and students to adopt the new double masking recommendation from the CDC. The specific recommendation is to wear a disposal mask underneath a cloth mask. The recommendation is not to double up on disposable masks or to double up on cloth masks. The goal is to ensure there is a good fit on the masks. While an additional mask is cumbersome for students and teachers, we want to continue efforts to reduce community spread.

Vaccinations for Teachers and Staff
San Mateo County recently announced that tier 1B are eligible for vaccinations. Educators and staff who work with children are part of this group. Many of our teachers have scheduled their first vaccination this week and more intend to do so as appointments become available.

Confirm Your Re-enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year
On March 4, you will receive an email from Esther asking you to log in to Veracross to update your household information and acknowledge school policies for next year to confirm your re-enrollment. Enrollment contracts are continuous so we do not require a separate contract and your deposit is included in your first payment (due May 1 for quarterly or 10 month plans or June 1 for one payment plans). If you are not returning in the fall, you can click on "withdraw" at the bottom of the form. The deadline to confirm re-enrollment is March 11. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Annie O'Donnell at

View Sneak Peek Preview Video & Curriculum Overview for Each Grade
Click here for a brief sneak peek preview video and curriculum overview for each grade at Wornick, so you can see a sampling of what is happening at each grade level. We hope you enjoy this window into each grade, and we thank our teachers and staff for preparing these materials.

In partnership,
Adam Eilath