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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Community,

We received the San Mateo County's framework for reopening on Friday, July 30. The recent local guidance, which is based on state and federal guidance, prioritizes masking, health and hygiene, testing, keeping symptomatic individuals away from school, and contact tracing. In contrast to last year, the plans do not emphasize cohorting or social distancing, based on research that shows that transmission can be reduced if other safety measures are followed. We plan to provide a full update to our Covid Health and Safety Plan after we consult with our Health and Safety Team in light of these updated guidelines. We will share the finalized plan with you ahead of the town hall on August 9 at 8pm.

Below are high-level highlights of our plan:

  • At this time, masking will be required indoors and outdoors while on campus, or participating in Wornick-related activities. Students will only unmask to eat snack and lunch, which will be outdoors.
  • Ventilation will be maximized through HEPA filters in every room, and windows will be open while class is in session.
  • Though we will not be doing staggered drop-offs as we did last year, health and hygiene are key. We will continue to have stations for hand washing and sanitation. Time will be allotted for students to wash their hands before, during, and after school. We trust our community to be transparent when a member of the community is ill. No daily questionnaire will be required. Please advise if your child is experiencing any symptoms and keep your child at home until you have received clearance from our office.
  • Regular testing will be a priority. As stated in the Wornick Weekly, testing will be required for students and professional community members prior to coming back to campus. A negative test should be produced within 5 days prior to the first day of school on August 24. Please schedule your test for your student. Results should be sent to by 5 pm on Monday, August 23. If your student is attending a Middle School Sports Boot Camp or Hebrew Ulpan class for transfer students, a negative test must be taken between August 11 and 15. Results should be sent to by 5 pm on Sunday, August 15.
  • Regular testing will be required during the school year. Cadence of testing to follow.
  • Gesher is scheduled to take place for this academic school year. Please refer to FACTS to sign up. Additional details regarding Gesher operations will be provided at the Town Hall and in our finalized Health & Safety Plan.
  • Limited volunteers will be allowed on campus. All volunteers must be vaccinated and complete the form via FACTS in order to be considered.

We look forward to seeing you at the zoom Town Hall on Monday, August 9 at 8pm. E-vite to follow.

In partnership,
Adam Eilath