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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Community,

We are so excited to begin our school year in a week and a half. We have been preparing for the start of school all summer and we are so excited to start learning with you all! Ahead of our school year we have a few more announcements about some exceptional new faculty members who have joined our community.

Staffing Update
We are pleased to announce that Tali Kreindler has joined our school as a 3rd grade teacher. Ms. Kreindler actually taught as a long term substitute at Wornick many years ago. She taught 3rd grade at Kids Connection School for the past three years and prior to that taught 4th grade at Brewer Island Elementary. Tali has a B.A. in Biology from prestigious Technion University in Israel and a multi-subject credential from Cal State. Tali brings a strong STEM background to our elementary school and rounds out a very strong 3rd grade team with Suzy Kosh and Vici Blackman. We are also pleased to announce that Vered Gani-Katzir will join our Jewish Studies team, teaching 4th, 5th and 7th grade. Ms. Gani-Katzir has a degree in education from Beit Berl college in Israel and has extensive experience in formal and informal education. She taught at the Atid School in Holon and the Shmuel Hanagid school in Herzliya. Ms. Gani-Katzir worked with NFTY, BBYO and the Beged Kefet program. She is also an experienced yoga teacher and runs various workshops around the Bay Area.

In our TK/Kindergarten program we are adding two new teachers to our team. Ashley Walter will join Wornick as a lead kindergarten teacher. She has a decade of experience in the preschool world, and has taught at the East Bay JCC preschool and afterschool program, Temple Sinai preschool and Gan Mah Tov preschool. Ms. Walter brings with her a deep love for educating each child individually and recognizing the gifts they each bring to the classroom. Also joining our TK/Kindergarten program will be Meaghan Dittemer. Ms. Dittemer will work closely with our Transitional Kindergarten students as they begin the year with in-person enrichment. Ms. Dittemer has more than six years of preschool teaching experience and most recently taught at Gan Mah Tov in Oakland as well. She has a love for gardening and outdoor education and will enrich our kindergarten program greatly in this unique year. Our long time beloved Kindergarten teacher, Debra Constantino will be taking a leave this year. Ms. Constantino will be stepping away from the classroom to spend time with her family in this unique and challenging year. She can't wait to return to Wornick next year and will find ways to stay connected to our school throughout the year.

In our lower school, we are also welcoming Merav Keren as a part time Hebrew teacher. Ms. Keren has a degree in Education and Bible from Ben Gurion University in Israel. She most recently taught Hebrew in the Ulpan program at the JCC preschool in Palo Alto.

Finally, we are elated to announce that Isaac Zones will be joining Wornick as our regular songleader this year. Isaac is well known as a talented song leader at a variety of institutions throughout the Bay Area and recently won the Diller Award for Excellence in Jewish Education this year. As many of you know, our current song leader, Toby Pechner, recently moved to Chicago. Toby will remain a part of the Wornick community and we will find ways to invite him to Tefillot throughout the year.

Start of School Supply Pickup
Our remote learning program includes a regular pickup of supplies that will be used to support at home instruction. Materials will be curated by the teachers to create more powerful learning experiences for our students at home and ensure that students have the necessary materials to be successful learners. Our first pickup will be next Friday August 21st. Pickups will be spread out between 10am to 2pm in 30 minute windows on Balclutha Drive. Pickups are organized alphabetically by the family's last name. If you have a conflict and need to arrange for a different time, please reach out to Esther Gillette at

Assigned times for the first pickup on Friday, 8/21:
10:00-10:30 — Abrams - Blinder
10:30-11:00 —  Blixt - Feinbloom
11:00-11:30 —  Feldman-Herman
11:30-12:00 —  Hertz - Krat
12:00-12:30 —  Kravetz - Michael
12:30-1:00   —  Miller - Reading
1:00-1:30     —  Resnik - Straus
1:30-2:00     —  Stroh - Yizhar-Barnea

Please drive down Balclutha Drive and form a line of cars on the left where signage indicates to do so. Please remain in your car with your masks on. Please pull up as cars ahead of you leave. Staff will bring your students' box of supplies to you. Please note that this is separate from the PTO Welcome Zoom Class Socials & Drive Thru for Grades 1-8 this Sunday in the Wornick parking lot.

Supply Pickup Schedule Going Forward
Going forward, pickup will take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, between 3-5pm. Again, pickups are organized by the family's last name. If you have a conflict with the time assigned, please email Esther Gillette at

Assigned times for pickups going forward on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month:

3:00-3:30 — Abrams - Feinbloom
3:30-4:00 — Feldman - Krat
4:00-4:30 — Kravetz - Reading
4:30-5:00 — Resnik - Yizhar-Barnea

First Day of School Assembly
We are excited to kick off the school year with an all school Zoom assembly on our first day of school, August 25, from 8:30-9am. Our new songleader, Isaac Zones, will be helping us celebrate the start of school. The Zoom link will be provided next week. 

Shabbat Shalom,