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Adam Eilath

Dear Wornick Community,

There is information below on updated COVID-19 protocols and testing reminders for after break.

I want to open with a note on the recent events in Israel and in Ukraine. The continued terrorist attacks in Israel have been painful to hear about. So many of our families have relatives and close friends in Israel. Our students learn about Israel on a regular basis and our love and understanding for the mosaic that is Israeli society, make it especially challenging to hear about the senseless violence that is claiming so many lives and impacting so many others. We pray that these terrorist attacks stop immediately and hope that the citizens of Israel will find peace and quiet very soon.

Of course, the war that continues to rage on in Ukraine is painful to watch as well. The events in Mariupol and Bucha are haunting reminders of the worst capacities of mankind. The reality for our families with relatives in Ukraine has not changed and our hearts go out to everyone affected. We pray that this war ends immediately and work begins to rebuild the destruction and losses that Ukrainians have suffered.

Post Passover Break Testing
In addition to our regular PCR testing that we plan to continue when students return from Passover break, we would also like all students to complete a rapid-antigen test on the morning before they return to school. Our school has rapid antigen tests available for each student should you not have one at home. We are distributing antigen tests to every student on Wednesday, April 13th for their backpacks. If you have multiple children at school the tests will be placed in the backpack of your youngest student. If you do not need an antigen test please email Esther Gillette ( and let us know. If you need an antigen test and you are not here on Wednesday, April 13th, please email Esther to arrange for a pick up on April 21st between 10am-12pm.

Antigen tests should be taken between Sunday, April 24th at 7pm and Monday, April 25th at 8am. Please snap a photo or bring it with you to drop off. If your student walks or bikes to school then email it to Esther Gillette by 7:30am.

Changes to quarantine requirements for exposures to COVID
Following updates to the CDPH COVID guidelines for schools, we have updated our quarantine guidelines for students who are exposed to COVID-19. Here is a copy of our new guidelines for quarantining.

Quarantine requirements following exposure to a COVID-19 positive individual:

Individuals who are exposed, regardless of vaccination status, may continue attending school as long as they:

  • Are asymptomatic;
  • Wear a well fitting mask for 10 days following the date of the last exposure, except when eating;
  • Isolate from the positive individual (assuming the positive individual is household contact);
  • Test on day 5 following the last date of exposure unless they have had COVID-19 in the past 90 days; and
  • Monitor for symptoms. If symptoms develop they should isolate and get tested.

Quarantine following air travel for unvaccinated students
Please note that the CDC quarantine guidelines have not changed for unvaccinated individuals. If you are unvaccinated and you are traveling by air you must quarantine for five days and test between days 3 and 5 after air travel.

Remote Learning
A reminder that remote learning will only be available for students who are quarantining due to exposure or travel. Students who are jet lagged and need to stay home or whose trips extend past Passover break may not join classes remotely.

Continued Planning for On-Campus Parent Opportunities
We truly enjoyed seeing so many parents enjoy being on campus for the Gala. As Covid protocols evolve, we continue to plan for opportunities for parents to be on campus and we look forward to sharing more about that when we return from the Passover break.

In partnership,
Adam Eilath