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Student Testing Resources (2020-21)

Wornick implemented a campus-wide testing program as part of our health and safety program. The school has been conducting weekly tests since early August of our professional community, and student testing is an additional layer to our current health and safety programs. The main goal of the required student testing program is to identify any possible asymptomatic cases in our community who might enter campus, by testing every student who is learning on campus at least once a month. Each family’s designated week of the month for testing was provided to families.

Testing Schedule All School
Week of April 5 All students test
(following Passover break)
Week of April 12 Group 1
Week of April 19 Group 2
Week of April 26 Group 3
Week of May 3 Group 4
Week of May 10 Group 1
Week of May 17 Group 2
Week of May 24 Group 3
Week of May 31 Group 4

There are three options for student testing. 

  1. Option 1: On-Campus at Wornick
  • Our school offers a testing program through Kids for Kyla, a private testing provider. Families who have not yet registered and want to test through Kyla should click on the button below and complete our interest form and make a payment. You will then receive a link to register on the KYLA app. You will only use their app after you have talked with our office staff.

    Kyla testing Form

  • Testing through Kyla is free for families who have medical insurance through Kaiser. However, non-Kaiser families who want to use Kyla will need to pay $75-$85 per test. The cost depends on the frequency per month that you opt to test per student. Kaiser is currently the only insurance program that reimburses for tests through Kyla in conjunction with the CARES Act. Testing through Kyla occurs on Wednesdays after early dismissal in our parking lot.
  • Families may opt to test more frequently through Kyla. Students who receive medical insurance through Kaiser can get up to four tests per month at no additional cost, while non-Kaiser covered students will need to pay for every additional test they choose to take.
  • Kyla provides a PCR test (a lower nasal swab) that typically produces results within 24 hours. The test is less invasive than the nasopharyngeal swab and is generally painless. Families who test through Kyla will allow Wornick to access their test results as part of their enrollment in the program.
  1. Option 2: San Mateo County is offering testing free to all families that live within the county and are 5+ years. Find a testing location here. If you choose this option for your child, please email your test results to within 24 hours of receiving them. If the test result is positive, please notify immediately.
  • The student DOES NOT need to be experiencing symptoms to qualify for a test. Results are typically provided directly to the guardian via text or email within 48 hours of the test.
  • Medical insurance is not required for this test. There is no charge if you do not have coverage. If you do have coverage, you will be asked to provide documentation and it will be billed directly to the insurer.
  1. Option 3: Private Testing at Your Preferred Site
  • We understand that your family may have a prefered practitioner or place of testing. Families may choose to test through an outside private provider or through their current health provider. We know that some health providers will order tests for individuals whose schools or employers require testing, while others only order tests with symptoms.
  • For a list of other local testing resources, please visit the state’s testing site locator here.
  • If you choose this option for your child, please email your test results to within 24 hours of receiving them. If the test result is positive, please notify immediately.

Additional testing resources:

Virus Geeks Testing in San Mateo:
Project Baseline: