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Online Etiquette Reminders for Students

Dear Parents,

As we transition to remote learning, there are new skills that our students are learning. We ask that you review the following online etiquette rules with your children:

  1. Be prepared and ready to learn. Have a designated work area that is set up with all the materials needed (not in bed). It is also important to continue with routines - get up, have breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, and then be ready to learn.
  2. Be prompt. Please be on time for any Zoom meeting. Arriving a couple minutes early is great too! Check your calendar the night before to make sure you know when your sessions are. Zoom offers instructions on How to Join a Zoom Meeting.
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  1. Mute Yourself. When you arrive, please be sure to mute yourself. If a teacher asks a question or if you have a question, then it is okay to unmute yourself, but please remember to go back on mute. Background noise and talking can be distracting. To mute yourself, click on the microphone icon on the video display. 
    Wornick Online Etiquette
    1. Refrain from using the chat feature. Please do not use the chat feature unless the teacher asks you to do so. When you are requested to use the chat feature, please only type comments that are relevant and appropriate. Please review your comments before sending and remember that tone and humor don’t always translate online as they might in person.
    2. Be respectful. Please remember to be respectful at all times. Allow people the space to speak, and do your best not to talk over another person. Please also think before speaking and make sure that your comments are on-task and kind.
    3. Community-wide events. During community-wide Zoom calls for Havdalah, T’fillah, or Kabbalat Shabbat, please remember to mute yourself and please do not use the chat. This is a time for us to come together as a community and connect.
    4. Take breaks. Be sure to take breaks and find offline activities to do as well.
    5. Find balance. When work on the computer is done, find the right balance for your family between online and offline time.

    Common-sense media also has excellent resources for families should we wish to explore this topic further. Their Digital Citizenship Resources for Family Engagement page offers grade appropriate family tips, family activities, and additional family resources.

    We appreciate your partnership and support!