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Social Emotional Learning

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Social emotional learning (SEL) at Wornick provides children with the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. This means that children learn to understand and to manage emotions, to feel and to show empathy for others, to establish and to maintain positive relationships, and to make responsible decisions.

SEL is approached both by direct instruction and by modeling supportive, respectful relationships. The program is based on the principle that children have the innate capacity to find solutions imperative for their own success. Through practice, modeling and an integrated approach, students learn resiliency and build their emotional intelligence in a safe and caring learning environment.

Wornick uses TOOLBOX (™) throughout the day, including morning meeting, setting expectations on classroom rights and responsibilities, respectful communication, building resilience, encouraging empathy, and navigating conflict resolution.

TOOLBOX empowers children to utilize one or more of the following twelve tools to navigate social interactions and regulate emotions: breathing, quiet/safe space, listening, empathy, personal space, using our words, garbage can, taking time, please and thank you, apology and forgiveness, patience, and courage. For more information on this program, please view:

Mission Statement

Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School develops students who are socially and academically prepared to meet their full potential as engaged leaders committed to a life steeped in Jewish ethics and values.

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