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SSIL / Wornick Athletic Guidelines & Code of Conduct

Student Participation Code of Conduct

• To show up to and be on time for all practices and games.

- Failure to do so will affect playing time.

• To be in complete uniform or gear & prepared to work/play.

• To bring a good attitude & desire to try & learn.

• To respect the school, league, and elders at all times.

• To display good behavior & conduct at all times.

• To uphold team and school rules.

Parent Game & Practice Code of Conduct

• Do not coach from the stands, as more than one voice can confuse the participants involved in the game, let the coach do the coaching. Doing so can result in your child’s removal from the game/practice. Encouraging, supportive, and affirmative comments/cheering are welcome and encouraged.

• Sit in a designated or otherwise acceptable seating area during league play; sidelines and huddles are for players and coaches only.

• Do not engage in any kind or type of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent.

• Do not walk on the court, course, trail, or field during competition.

• If you have questions regarding a game or event, the appropriate time to approach the Wornick coaching staff is after the game.

• If your child is having difficulties in practice or games or can’t make a practice, encourage him or her to speak directly to the coaches

• Support the program: Volunteer to assist the team outside of coaching whenever possible. This includes the role of team parent.

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