Wornick Academics stimulate, challenge and engage our students. Our students become eager learners who express and explore wonder. They thrive at Wornick and as alumni. Beyond world class math, science, literature, history and technology programs with credential specialists, our school teaches ethical behavior, community service and leadership.  Our dual curriculum of Hebrew and Jewish studies enriches our students' education and develops strong habits of the mind, heart and soul.

Learn more about Wornick's Academic program and school mission through a tour.  Our admissions office will be glad to set it up.

Academic excellence is achieved through our innovative and rigorous curriculum, high standards, exceptional faculty and small student teacher ratios. And each child receives individual attention as we differentiate our teaching to meet their needs.

Our extraordinary integrated dual curriculum, pluralist program cultivates four interconnected building blocks within each student:

  1. an impassioned heart, 
  2. a cultivated mind, 
  3. a nourished soul and 
  4. an empowered body.

These building blocks are balanced and curriculum deliberately developed for each child so that he or she may reach his or her full potential. Our graduates are known as thoughtful, articulate and involved adults with a joyous love of Judaism. 

Wornick prepares students for a life of learning, and our graduates succeed and lead in the varied public and private high schools  they attend with a strong foundation and appetite for advanced work across all subjects.

The Wornick curriculum has been formulated to promote intellectual growth, development and creativity. We instill an understanding of cultural diversity and the importance of personal integrity. Each student develops responsibility as a member of the school and larger Jewish and secular communities. Our commitment to high academic standards contributes to a learning environment which stimulates creativity and critical thinking--providing an opportunity for each child to reach his or her full potential.